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Catering Services

FoxHole Bakery offers full catering services. Take a look at our many menu options, and be sure to read our Catering Policies.

Soups & Stews (350ml/12oz serving size)

† gluten free
* dairy free

*†Roasted Yam, Carrot and Coconut 3.50 pp
Big Dilly Red Tomato 3.50 pp
†Chunky Corn Chowder 3.50 pp
†Potato Leek 3.50 pp
*†Black Bean with Yam 3.50 pp
*†Borscht 3.50 pp
†Cream of Carrot & Cheddar Soup 3.50 pp
*†Roasted Red Pepper 4.00 pp
Fish Chowder 4.00 pp
†Pea & Mint with Lemon Cream 4.00 pp
*Shanghai Duck 4.00 pp
*Minestrone 4.00 pp
*†Moroccan Vegetable Stew with Quinoa 6.00 pp
*†Kale, Leek and White Bean 3.50 pp
†Parsnip and Apple 3.50 pp
*†Red Lentil Bisque 3.50 pp
*†Thai Carrot 3.50 pp
*†African Yam and Peanut 3.50 pp
*†Kenyan Curried Cauliflower 3.50 pp
†Baked Potato and Leek with Cheddar and Bacon 4.00 pp
*†Curried Lamb and Lentil 4.00 pp
*†Curried Lentil with Tomato 3.50 pp

Buns / Breads

Cheesy Herb Buns 2.25 each
Dilly Feta Pops 2.25 each
Spiced Olive Buns 2.25 each
Golden Olive Fingers 1.00 each
Swedish Flatbreads .90 each (6 for $5.50)
Knotted Buns (Zopf) .60 each (10 for $6.00)
Flaxseed Buns 1.00 each (6 for $6.00)
Crusty French Rolls .50 each (10 for $5.00)
Bagels 1.70 each (3 for $5.00)

FoxHole Special 5.50 / loaf
Russian Rye 5.50
Flaxseed Loaf 5.50
Raisin 5.50
Italian Country 5.50
Oatmeal 5.50
Kamut 5.50
French Baguette 5.00


Mini Savory Tarts : Caramelized onions with slice of pear
$15.00/doz (min 3 dozen of 1 type) Roasted yam, smoked gouda & leeks

Mini Quiches : Salmon with Dill or Tomato with Pesto
$15.00/doz (min 3 dozen)

Open Faced Sandwich made on French baguette rounds, unless other requested.
Green olive tapenade with cherry tomato slice.
$16.80/doz Dilly cream cheese with smoked salmon.
(min 2 doz of one type)
Swiss Cheese with Smoked Ham and Mayo Mustard.
Roasted Red Pepper, Feta & Dill Spread.

Marinated Prawns wrapped in green
$21.00/doz (min 1 doz)

Fancy Salmon Rollups
$18.00/doz (min 1 doz)

Fresh Spring Rolls served with peanut or cherry dipping sauce
$15.00 /doz (small wrap or medium in half) vegetarian
$21.00/doz (small wrap or medium in half) with prawns

Smoked Salmon Deviled Eggs
$25.00/dozen pieces

Dilly Feta Sticks
$15.00/doz (min 2 dozen)

Mini Sized Spanikopita
$15.00/doz (min 2 dozen)

Mini Sized Vegetable Samosas
$15.00/doz (min 3 dozen)

Vegetable Platter small $35.00/medium $60.00

Meat and Cheese Platter small $40.00/ medium $75.00

$7.00 / 500 grams

Green Olive Tapenade
$7.00 / 500 grams

Roasted Red Pepper, Feta & Dill Dip
$7.00 / 500 grams

Where have you BEAN CHIPS (wheat free)
Rosemary Thins
Curry Thins
Italian Garden Thins
$6.00 / 200 grams

B.V. Crackers
$6.00 / doz


Classic Potato 4.00 pp
Slice Tomato with basil vinaigrette 4.00 pp
Spring Greens
...with festive spinach
or ...with pomegranate or seasonal fruit, feta and roasted nuts with fresh herb dressing 4.50 pp
Cucumber & Feta Toss with Mint and Dill 4.25 pp
Traditional Caesar 4.25 pp
Marinated Garbanzo Bean 4.25 pp
Tossed Broccoli 4.25 pp
Romaine, candied pecans, pear, cran & blue cheese with creamy dress 4.50 pp
Asian Coleslaw shredded cabbage with an oriental style dressing 4.50 pp
Traditional Greek 5.00 pp
Quinoa, Mango and Black Bean 6.00 pp
Spicy Noodle 5.00 pp
Kamut with a Chutney dressing 5.00 pp
Winter Carrot with apple, kale, nuts & berries with a honey ginger dressing 5.00 pp
Roasted Vegetable (yam, parsnip, fennel, onions, peppers, zucchini, mushrooms, beets) 6.00 pp
Vegetable Vinaigrette (broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, zucchini, onions) 5.50 pp


Meat Kebab (chicken, beef or pork) 5.50 pp
Marinated Salmon Chunks or Steaks Barbecued 7.00 pp
FoxHole’s Roasted Yam & Smoked Gouda Perogies 6.00 (4/portion)
Baked Ham 7.00 pp
Prime Rib served with horseradish cream 9.00 pp
Smoked Turkey served with cranberry sauce 8.00 pp
Breaded Halibut Cubes 10.00 pp
Stuffed Chicken Breast (ham, Swiss cheese, rolled up with bacon) 7.50 pp
Cucumber Covered Salmon served cool 8.00 pp
Kashmiri Leg of Lamb served with a fruit chutney 8.00 pp


Traditional Meat 10.00 pp
Seafood 12.00 pp
Roasted Butternut Squash & Hazelnut 12.00 pp
Chicken Tortilla Pie 10.00 pp (min 8 servings)
Torta Rustica with accompanied with sauce 10.00 pp (min 8 servings)

Starch/vegetable to accompany the Entrée

Mashed Potatoes 2.00 pp
Greek Potatoes 2.50 pp
Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes 3.00 pp
Stuffed Potatoes 3.50 pp
... with bacon, green onions, sour cream & white cheddar
or ... with roasted red pepper, feta and dill

Coconut Rice 2.50 pp
Spanikopita Triangles 2.25 each
Vegetable Samosas 3.50 each
Quiche 2.50 each

Stir fried seasonal Veggies 2.50 pp
Punjabi Cabbage 2.00 pp
Gingered Carrots 1.75 pp


Mousse served in a wineglass
$4.00 pp Zesty Lemon
White Chocolate Raspberry
Mocha Chocolate
Lime Panna Cotta

$40.00 White Chocolate Lemon Cheesecake serves @10
Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake serves @10
$45.00 Peaches ‘n Cream Rectangle serves @15

Fruit Platter serves @15 people $50.00
Fruit Kebabs @$2.50 each….seasonal pricing

Cakes @ 9 “ diameter $30.00 Hazelnut Torte with Chocolate Mocha Icing
$30.00 Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Icing
$30.00 Citrus Poppyseed Cake with Cream Cheese Icing
$30.00 Chocolate Oatmeal
$40.00 Schwartzwalder Torte
$40.00 Coconut Meringue
$40.00 Pumpkin Spice (no wheat / no eggs)

9” Pie $10.00 / Tarts $27.00/dozen / Mini Tarts $15.00/dozen
Bavarian Apple
Rhubarb Custard
Traditional Apple
Lemon Sunburst
Huckleberry(seasonal - when available!)
Cranberry Orange
Chocolate Caramel

Muffins $2.25 each (more the shape of a petite cake)
Harvest Pumpkin
Marvelous (pear, ginger, white chocolate)
Banana Berry
Banana Spelt
Cailee Cake

Mini Loaves (@ 10 slices per loaf)
Midnight Temptation 6.00 each
Lemon Explosion 6.00 each
Orange Poppyseed 6.00 each
Drunken Gypsy 6.00 each
Dutch Ginger (made from rye flour, no eggs) 5.00 each
R.V. Fruitcake (seasonal) 12.00 each

Cookies / Bars
Razzle Dazzle Bars 3.00 each
Original Granola Bars 2.25 each
Sunshine Bars 2.25 each
Cranberry Turnovers 1.25 each
Energy Balls (gluten free) 3 for $5.00
Heavenly Delights (gluten free) 1.25 each
Yippee Wheat Free 5.00/doz
Baklava Cigars 1.25 /1.00 each
Lebkuchen (Our signature cookies of endless shapes!! Pricing varies according to size.)
Dutch Speculaas 5.00/16
Serendips 12.00 /doz
Ripple Fudge Chews 6.00 /doz
Happy Zappy Ginger Snaps with 100% spelt flour 6.00/doz
Chocolate Cranberry Cravings 6.00/doz
Marzi Fingers 3.25 each

Seasonal Cookies
Fruitcake Drops
Hearty Hearth Log
Algerian Jewels (gluten free)
German Stollen

Coffee and Selection of Teas with cream and sugar 2.00 pp
Fruit Juice or Festive Punch 1.50 pp

Policies for Catering Events


We accept cash or cheque.
A deposit of $500 is required to secure your booking. Balance is due on the day of event, unless previous arrangements have been made.

Confirmation of numbers

We require a confirmed guest count, 2 weeks prior to the date of your event. If the number of guests is fewer, you will be billed for the confirmed guest count, or number of guests in attendance (which ever is greater).


A minimum of 2 weeks notice is required for all cancellations.
Less then 2 weeks advance notice of event cancellation will result in loss of deposit.


Clients are billed $16.00 per hour per staff member, but only while on site.
If your event does not require serving staff, a $10.00 delivery charge will apply (Smithers/Telkwa area).
Once a menu selection is confirmed and there is an understanding of requirements, we will be able to give an estimated site time / staff required for your event.
To ensure the best service for your event, FoxHole will use professional experience and discretion to make staffing decisions.

Dishware / Glassware / Cutlery / Tablecloths / Napkins

The use of our dinnerware, if required, is included with the catering service when the full menu is supplied by FoxHole.

The use of our tablecloths and napkins costs extra:

White tablecloths 10' x 6' - $9 each
White napkins 19" x 19" - $1 each

Pricing for other rentals without FoxHole catering service:

Dinner plates (case of 30) $20/case
Small plates (case of 40) $20/case
Mugs (case of 30) $15/case
Wine glasses (case of 24) $15/case
Cutlery $1 per 10 pieces (for example, 200 pieces = $20)


Menu prices are subject to change without notice, or with market fluctuation.
5% GST will be charged on all orders.

Please send deposit to:

FoxHole Bakery
4490 Fox Road
Telkwa, BC
V0J 2X1

Banking details for direct deposit can be provided upon request.

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